It is a high-quality speaker system that provides full-range music reproduction. System allows to achieve very faithful reproduction of even the lowest octave, and allows undistorted reproduction even at high volume. System is applicable for accurate sound reproduction in large residential areas and small clubs.

In the design of this speaker, we used consistently chosen speakers based on their electroacoustic parameters. Speakers come from the production of world renowned manufacturers. These are technologically advanced speakers to meet demanding requirements.

Proposal cabinet had acted on several criteria, which have a significant impact on sound quality. In particular, the suppression of diffraction optimize the "timing" of dividing frequencies and achieve a balanced performance-radiation pattern in the horizontal and vertical plane. Finally, we seek to build not too dimensional loudspeaker system (what we have) and also give her neobyklý shape. Baffle speaker is extremely rigid and does not clog the reproduction of any resonances and noises. Speaker gives very neutral and transparent sound image.

Audible speech is dynamic, yet he needs the finest sound nuances and details. A standard treatment is a course of the amplitude characteristic impedance allows the system to seamlessly connect to a tube amplifier.

Technical specification:

Sensitivity: 87 db 2.83 / 1m / 1kHz

Number of bands: 3

Crossover frequency 330 Hz and 2900

Rated impedance: 8 Ω, the minimum impedance of 5.1 Ω

Frequency response: 20 to 20,000 Hz (-3 dB point 31 Hz)

Power handling capacity 400 W

Recommended amplifier power: 2 x 100-400 W / 8 ohm

The maximum sound pressure 112 dB

Dimensions: H 127 x W 48 x D 45 cm

Weight: 55 kg

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