Company Drevoprogres spol. s.r.o. is a family company that since its inception in 1991, mainly specializes in the production of a coherent set of joinery components for the new family home. After installation of new technology for the production of wooden windows pinning prisms in 1998, the company maintains a high standard of technical, aesthetic and utilitarian level of its products, which are known throughout Slovakia but also in many countries of the European Union. Another important milestone was the purchase of 5 axis CNC machine for working wooden models for foundry needs and also molds for laminating.


In 2013 the company started the development of loudspeaker systems of the highest quality. With the above speaker system, we participated in the 2014 exhibition High End Slovakia and similarly oriented exhibition in Budapest. At both exhibitions we registered a great interest in our products. That inspired us to put our products under our own brand.