Our production program is also the design, manufacture and installation of acoustic elements. These are used for acoustic treatment of residential and other premises (eg. Recording studios). Most residential, but also other areas in terms of acoustics is often undesirable properties (standing waves, modes, reflections etc.) which significantly degrade the reproduction, or producing music. It is therefore necessary to improve these properties and to serve different diffusers and resonators. It is ideal meting acoustic properties of premises and draft elements optimized for the particular space.

Some elements have certain conditions universal application (eg. diffusers).


Design and manufacture of custom built equipment for the reproduction of sound ("In Wall")


Given our focus, we are able to design and implement custom-made loudspeaker systems, according to the customer. It is a uncompromising design solution, including room acoustics and according to the customer. In particular, the individual selection of speakers and materials to fine solutions around the listening space.

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