Design subordinate to acoustics


The vast majority of loudspeaker systems, which are offered on the market are produced by conventional baffle procedure - rectangular boxes, sharp corners. Most loudspeaker systems as a cuboid or any other viachranu. Many of them have exhibition design and finish, but they lack so. acoustic design. What is it?

Even in the 30s of the last century it has been experimentally shown that playing baffle is a source of additional undulations amplitude and phase characteristics. How is this possible? Surely we all long understood the need for good aerodynamic design of today's cars, planes and all fast moving bodies. You say, but because the speaker does not move. She's not, but the sound wave that arises in Speakers at a rate of 344 m / s. And at that rate, and wavelength corresponding to the dimensions of the system known diffraction phenomena occur. Namely sound wave does not spread only forward, but it is omnidirectional. When you leave the plane of the face plate at a right angle, diffraction occurs. Diffraction is the phenomenon where there is a sharp bending waves. This then interferes with the wave moving in a straight line. This gives rise to undesirable ripple amplitude and phase characteristics. Since diffraction has a constant level of radiated in all directions, causing unwanted coloration and distortion of sound.

When the edges are well rounded and has a cabinet suitable shape, or the speaker is mounted on a sufficiently large so. infinite baffle, so this phenomenon is significantly suppressed, or not at all arise.



Designing our speakers deliver a 3D modeling. After determining the form, size model, a distance from each speaker and setting other parameters, this is divided into different sections. The manufacturer shall continue to deal also with other requirements such as mechanical design and esthetics (anti-resonance resistance).


Such a discrete modules are specifically treated with a specialized program that optimizes the machining itself. Next, a workpiece, and subsequently the 5 axial CNC mills the part produced. Subsequently, the parts are glued together, trowel and finishes. Some parts are manufactured for strength reasons as bonded sandwich. They have exceptional rigidity and vibration resistance. Formed by gluing and pressing.



Measurement, design switches

Ready to baffle boards shall be installed speakers, cushioning material and performed acoustic and electric measurement parameters themselves speakers. It is a set of axis and off-axis measuring amplitude and phase characteristics as well as electrical impedance speakers.

This data is natransportujú into simulation programs, to determine the layout of electrical filters and values of passive components electrical switches. After modeling was carried out further measurements finished loudspeaker and crossover optimization is performed. At the very end listener's tests are carried out.





In our loudspeaker systems use high-quality speaker leading manufacturers such. ScanSpeak, SEAS, Morel, Dayton, Audax, Eton etc.

They are carefully selected based on their electroacoustic parameters such as amplitude and phase chaakteristika, low distortion and handling. Another significant factor in choosing the reliability and availability of speakers you use.

All parts to switches are remeasured before installation and checked. Because several coils of our systems have atypical values, so we make them ourselves.

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